Enchanted plus is a plus size fashion company. It was born out of the vision to design charming clothes that bring pleasure and magical enchantment to the beautiful, voluptuous and confident women. We strive to create smart, stylish and sophisticated collections that accentuate, flatter and celebrate the curves of a woman’s silhouette regardless of her size. We create clothes with a plus size figure in mind and we cut and fit our clothes on actual plus size women. We believe that every woman is beautifully and wonderfully made and they deserved to wear the most charming and flattering outfits when attending an event, special occasion or just a casual night out.

Enchanted Plus not only have a burning passion for fashion but also spot the needs and desires of a group of plus sized women who have been overlooked and neglected by the fashion industry. Many plus sized women have a hard time finding chic and stylish clothing with good fittings that fit and complement their curves. Most often, they have to compromise style and fit for what they can find in their sizes. We heard the needs and answered the call.

We are dedicated to designing beautiful, functional and good fitting clothing that give the fashion conscious, curvy and confident women the added luxury of everyday life. Our collections are exclusively designed and cut with special design techniques to specifically fit and complement the full figured body. We create clothes with a plus size figure in mind and we cut and fit our clothes on actual plus size women.

We have a team of dedicated fashion designers constantly on the lookout for upcoming trends and designs and a team of fit experts specially trained to ensure that evey design is proportioned accordingly for our plus sizes. With our own network of factories throughout Asia, we are able to handle every aspect of the manufacturing process. To find out more about our services, please contact us or email us at sales@enchantedplus.com